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Garda Riesling Paroni doc


Prendina, Valkoviinit

About This Wine

Paroni Riesling
Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Riesling is usually a late maturing wine but at La Prendina it is harvested at the
beginning of September, only ten days later than early varieties and in the early
hours in the morning to take advantage of the coolest temperatures.
The grapes are manually harvested and there is a selection of the best bunches.
Once the grapes enter the cellar all the wine making process is done in an oxygen
free environment and, in the press line, an injection of inert gases is made to
preserve all the aromas typical of the variety. The press is blanketed with nitrogen
as well.


The berries are broken and left to macerate for 6 hours at 10°C before
pressing. Then the juice is left to settle over-night and only the clear part I is
fermented at 17°C for almost twelve days until the sugar level is down to 8-9g/l.
The wine is transferred into refrigerated tanks and left on its
own lees with regular “batonage” all winter.Once it has been stabilized, it is bottled in April.


Riesling Paroni La Prendina is a wine of great balance, with mineral notes which
evolve with the maturation. Moreover, it has a persistent white fruits aroma and a
great structure on the palate, typical of the variety.

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